PCR Tyre Technology

The technology development of the PCR & LTR products stands for the main development trend of technology development of the tyre industry. With the perfect product R&D system, we’ve reached higher technology levels in the industry in many aspects such as tyre structure, tyre pattern, tyre compound, environment-friendly tyre and so on.

Advanced technology of structure designing
The overall designing of the tyre carcass with the technology of ground-contacting stress balance and computer ACD, can make the ground stress distribute in a more balanced fashion, so as to minimize the stress of unit ground-contacting. This means the wearing of the unit ground will be the least, thus affording much higher mileage.

Special methods of improving the non-contact part of the shoulder greatly decrease the accumulation of excessive heat in this part. With the dropping of tread temperature, the fatigue of tread rubber has been reduced greatly, which ensures durability and high-speed. The latest tire contour design simulated by the computer greatly reduces the energy generated by the strain of the belt and fetal.

The most optimizing design of tyre shoulder can avoid the concentration caused by the abnormal pressure of the punctured tyre. Highly flexible steel belt and seamless tread cap effectively improves durability and controlling.

Scientific pattern developing technology

We use dynamic simulation and optimization technology as the key method in developing the patterns. Using supercomputer dynamics imitates the operation of the tyres under various driving conditions targeted to develop the patterns, including wear resistance, noise, riding comfort, rim collocation, driving balance, the durability and rolling resistance.
We use the software STACS to simulate the reaction of pattern on the road under the situation of tire acceleration, braking, swerving and other driving force.

Using CASPAN system to measure the contact shape and pressure ensures that when the tyres contacts the ground, the rigidity of the rubber remains consistent and vibration amplitude tends to balance, so as to reduce the noise which is caused by the pattern.

Special compound designing technology
1.Special tyre tread compound design effectively lubricates the friction between the rubber molecules, so as to reduce the energy losses, lower rolling resistance, and save fuel consumption.

2.Through the extension of rubber material of the chain of carbon molecules with structure, improving the durability of the tires can also improve the wear resistance of tyre; meanwhile we use the special silicon tyre tread compound technology to greatly enhance the grip, and keep the performance of saving fuel consumption.