TBR Tyre Technology

Focusing on the China market, the biggest production and consumption nation of TBR tyres, will enable us to improve our product and technology efficiently. BBT is the technical system developed in our last 10 years’ effort on R&D.

BBT technical system refers to an effort to improve overall performance on BEAD, BELT, TREAD tyres and other critical parts, by laboratory testing and in-site tracking of the road test.This allows understanding and improvement of the timely issue of emerging technologies, so as to continuously enhance the overall performance tyres used to make our company more responsive to all-steel products in a variety of road environments.

BBT technical advantage A
By adjusting the layout of bead steels, the hardness of fillers, close fit with bead matrix, and the height of turn up of the body ply, the beads are strengthened, then it realizes the smooth rigid transition between the hard bead and the soft side wall, which makes the flexible points in the sidewalls concentrative near the horizontal axis of the section to give the sidewall friction with the wheel rim to prevent the stress concentration in the bead position and delaminating, splitting or breaking, so as to achieve durable parts by improving the bead resistance, load performance objectives.

BBT technical advantage B
To enhance the rigidity of the cap for the superior wear-resistance performance; To enhance the rigidity of the shoulder to ensure the stable dimensions of tyres when they are running at high speed, and greatly reduce belt suffered heat and stress and to reduce the possibility of occurrence of separation on the shoulder, and better retreaded performance. To adjust rubber performance on belt to meet the bonding properties of both dynamic and thermal states and tyre production process requirements, improve the stable quality, the performance to be stretched and strengthened, flex-fatigue resistance and high performance anti-aging by improving adhesive properties on tie-in stripe, good heat-resistance and fatigue resistance is achieved, as well as low heat generating and high anti delaminating properties so as to extend the tyre life.

BBT technical advantage C
By reducing the curvature of cap, the ground-grip power on cap is raised, thereby enhancing the wear resistance of tire; By increasing the width of the contact surface, the tyre wear and grip performance is enhanced; Cap Rubber applies the imported smoke sheets 3 # and Cabot N115 carbon to improve the cap compound and related formulations of chemical agents, decrease the movement and creep between tyre cap and the ground, enhance the traction and lateral force so as to make the cap increase the wear resistance, anti-cutting performance, tear-resistant and anti-adhesion properties and extend the service life of the tyre; Base rubber applies the low-heat, high-adhesion rubber formulation to effectively reduce the operating temperature and improve the performance of high-speed tyres